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Floppy discs were replaced by these
a) hard drives b) touch screen c) fairy dust d) USBs
Osama bin Laden was buried here
a) Afghanistan b) at sea c) Pakistan d) under Bog's castle
In 2011, world population crossed this threshold
a) 700,000 b) 700,000,000 c) 7,000,000,000 d) Marianne's chamber
Medical breakthroughs occurred because of the ability to understand genetic structure. One major disease that various treatments involving genetic codes have advanced significantly with is
a) AIDS/HIV b) Love sickness c) Ebola d) Cancer
Facebook was created by
a) Steve Jobs b) Mark Zuckerburg c) Bill Gates d) Sunny
A wildfire that destroyed 16,000 acres and killed 2 people occurred in 2013 in
a) California b) Montana c) the Bog King's estate d) Colorado
YouTube was a video sharing site created in 2004 by
a) Mark Zuckerburg b) Steve Jobs c) Former Paypal employees d) Stuff
In 2012, a gunman in Connecticut killed 26
a) fairies b) on a military base c) at a college campus d) at an elementary school
Same sex marriage was legalized in the US in
a) 2008 b) 2011 c) 2015 d) order to allow Dawn to show true feelings for Imp
This information site is launched in 2001
a) Ask.com b) Wikipedia c) Answers.com d) Ask Griselda
The President who ordered all troops out of Iraq in 2011 was
a) George W. Bush b) George H.W. Bush c) Barack Obama d) Fairy King
This popular entertainer died in 2016
a) Michael Jackson b) Prince c) Sam Sarpong d) Pare
The leader of Al Qaeda was killed in 2011. His name was
a) Osama bin Laden b) Saddam Hussein c) Muammar Gaddafi d) Plum Elf
This former first lady became Secretary of State under Barack Obama
a) Laura Bush b) Hilary Clinton c) Sugar Plum Fairy d) Nancy Reagan
The Deep Water Horizon oil spill was the
a) first underwater explosion of oil in history b) worst in US history c) most efficiently cleaned up oil spill in history d) beginning of trouble between Marianne and Roland
9/11 refers to a terrorist attack involving
a) Al Qaeda b) ISIS c) Boko Haram d) Strange Magic
A ban of this in public places began in 2006
a) displays of affection b) alcohol advertising c) smoking d) using fairy dust
Over 230,000 people died in 2004 in a(n)
a) terrorist attack b) tsunami c) civil war d) miscalculated love potion
This person announced the sale of the iPhone
a) Mark Zuckerburg b) Steve Jobs c) Bill Gates d) George Lucas
The US became involved in a war against the Taliban in 2001 in
a) Iraq b) Iran c) Bog's Castle d) Afghanistan
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