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Moderately; a tempo marking
a) Octave b) Largo c) Andante d) Moderato
A device that clicks or beeps to demonstrate an exact tempo
a) Metronome b) Meter c) Melody d) Mezzo forte
Placed in front of a note to cancel out a flat or sharp sign
a) Flat b) Sharp c) Natural d) Accidental
When two or more notes are played or sung at the same time
a) Harmony b) Interval c) Intonation d) Marcato
Tells the musician(s) what notes are flat, sharp, and natural
a) Time Signature b) Key Signature c) Meter d) Largo
Smooth, connected articulation
a) Marcato b) Legato c) Largo d) Meter
Pitch Accuracy
a) Largo b) Melody c) Interval d) Intonation
The position your mouth must take in order to properly play a wind instrument.
a) Ensemble b) Embouchure c) Flat d) Enharmonic
Two names for the same note (C# and Db, F# and Gb, etc)
a) Evaluation b) Embouchure c) Flat d) Enharmonic
The distance between two notes
a) Interval b) Melody c) Ledger Lines d) Marcato
Lowers a note one half-step
a) Flat b) Sharp c) Natural d) Enharmonic
When one part splits into two
a) Dal Segno b) Divisi c) Coda d) Common Time
A slow hymn tune often used for working on tuning, balance, and blend
a) Chromatic b) Crescendo c) Chorale d) Chord
Receives three beats of time
a) Dotted Half Note b) Dotted Quarter Note c) Dotted Eighth Note d) Whole Note
A group of two or more notes
a) Chord b) Da Capo c) Decrescendo d) Composition
'Head' in Italian; go back to the beginning of the piece
a) Fine b) Coda c) Divisi d) Da Capo
Tonguing and Slurring
a) Balance b) Fermata c) Flat d) Articulation
To place emphasis on a note or notes.
a) Pulse b) Accent c) Quarter Rest d) Rhythm
The notes of a chord played individually, either ascending or descending
a) Arpeggio b) Arrangement c) Breath Mark d) Balance
One or mre notes that come before the first complete measure of music; also known as pick-up notes.
a) Allegro b) Anacrusis c) Beats d) Accidental
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