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People of the stone age were the:
a) First people on earth b) Last people on earth c) People living today d)
People in the stone age ate:
a) Hunted animals, and berries/roots b) Hunted animals and food from their farms c) Food from their farms and berries/roots d)
The people in the stone age were:
a) Hunters/gatherers b) Hunters and farmers c) Farmers and gatherers d)
People joined together in _________ to survive.
a) clans b) mammoths c) families d)
The early people were ___________
a) nomads b) stationary c) d)
People made paintings on the walls during the stone age.
a) false b) true c) d)
Egypt is in:
a) America b) Asia c) Africa d)
Egypt is a part of the
a) Indus river valley b) Sahara desert c) papyrus dessert d)
Floods were ___________ to the ways of life in egypt.
a) beneficial b) unbeneficial c) d)
The __________ river is a staple to Egyptian life.
a) Nile b) River c) Mummy d)
During the spring the river in Egypt overflowed, creating ______________ which helped to fertilize the soil.
a) Mummy b) Pyramids c) Silt d)
When a person of roaylty or power died, they would be turned into a _________ to get prepared for the afterlife.
a) Pyramid b) Mummy c) Zombie d)
____________ were built for people of royalty. Their mummies and various items were place din the tombs for the afterlife.
a) mummies b) tombs c) pyramids d)
Mesopotamia is located in:
a) Asia b) America c) Africa d)
What does Mesopotamia mean?
a) Land between two mountains b) Land between two deserts c) Land between two rivers d)
Mesopotamia was part of the _______________
a) Fertile crescent b) Fertile land c) River d)
Flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers was _________ to the Mesopotamians.
a) Unbeneficial b) Beneficial c) d)
Sumerians were people of Mesopotamia, they were excellent:
a) Farmers b) Hunters c) Jewlery Makers d)
The temples in Mesopotamia were called:
a) Dikes b) Cuneiform c) Ziggurats d)
The writing of people in Mesopotamia was called ___________ and it was written on clay tablets with a stylus.
a) Cuneiform b) Dikes c) Ziggurats d)
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