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Who is known as the father of genetics?
a) Gregor Mendel b) Rosalind Franklin c) Erwin Chargaff d) Reginald Punnett
Mendel used which of the following for his studies in inheritance?
a) pea plants b) lavender c) rose bushes d) human subjects
What refers to the passing of traits from parent to offspring?
a) heredity b) genotype c) true-breeding d) self-pollinate
Which refers to the very first set of offspring from two parents?
a) first generation b) F2 c) second generation d) parent generation
What is the term for a trait that is expressed when at least 1 is present?
a) dominant b) recessive c) allele d) presence
What is the term for a trait that is expressed only if both chromosomes carry this allele?
a) recessive b) dominant c) allele d) breeder
What is the term for multiple forms of the same gene?
a) allele b) letter c) dominant d) inheritance
An organism’s inherited combination of alleles that is found directly on their DNA is called ______.
a) genotype b) phenotype c) DNA polymerase d) nitrogen base pairing
An organism’s inherited appearance as a result of the alleles is called ______.
a) phenotype b) genotypes c) DNA polymerase d) nitrogen base pairing
Which of the following is an example of a homozygous genotype?
a) RR b) rR c) Rr d) Ry
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