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Because the buildings were made of wood and closely spaced, medieval cities could be easily destroyed by _________________.
a) fire b) flood c) earthquake d) disease
In medieval towns, the townspeople paid _________________ to the lord in exchange for basic rights.
a) wages b) taxes c) crops d) homage
Medieval knights followed rules called the code of __________________.
a) the king b) servitude c) the brave knight d) chivalry
Two important farming inventions of the Middle Ages that made turning over soil faster were the horse collar and what?
a) the windmill b) crop rotation c) the wheeled plow d) the village mill
Charlemange was the first Frankish leader to believe in what for all people.
a) land b) education c) religion d) freedom
a warrior in armor who fought on horseback
a) serf b) knight c) fief d) guild
a person who worked the lord's land
a) serf b) fief c) guild d) vassal
a group of craftsmen
a) serf b) knight c) fief d) guild
land granted to a vassal or knight
a) serf b) knight c) fief d) guild
a noble who served a lord of higher rank
a) serf b) fief c) guild d) vassal
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