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Britain desire to remain a world power resulted in conflict with France called the what?
a) French and Indian War b) French and English War c) War of 1812 d) The Civil War
To help finance the French and Indian War the British issued ________ on the colonists.
a) War b) Taxes c) Laws d) Soldiers
An issue the colonists had with the British was the fact they had no representation in what?
a) Congress b) The King's Court c) Parliament d) The Presidency
This restricted the colonists movement west.
a) Proclamation of 1763 b) Emancipation Proclamation c) Manifest Destiny d) Homestead Act
He the king of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.
a) Lord Conrwallis b) King James c) King George III d) George Washington
-Give me liberty or give me death--
a) Patrick Henry b) Thomas Jefferson c) Benjamin Franklin d) John Adams
He went on a mid-night ride to ward the colonists that the British were coming.
a) Patrick Henry b) Thomas Jefferson c) John Adams d) Paul Revere
The first armed conflicts of the Revolutionary war were the battles of ________ and _________.
a) Lexington and Concord b) Manassas and Gettysburg c) Boston and New York d) Saratoga and Yorktown
This was the turning point of the Revolutionary war.
a) Battle of Boston b) Battle of Lexington c) Battle of Saratoga d) Battle of Richmond
This recognized American Independence and ended the Revolutionary War.
a) Treaty of Paris b) Emancipation Proclamation c) Treaty of Ghent d) Gettysburg Address
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