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If my answer is an improper fraction it is very likely I would need to ...?
a) Go to Lowes and build some homes b) simplify c) d)
If I have a whole number and a fraction on a math problem I can solve this problem by?
a) multiplying the fractions b) not do anything c) d)
An improper fraction has a numerator that is bigger than denominator, true or false?
a) true b) false c) d)
If the numerator and denominator are the same I have?
a) One whole number b) I/2 c) improper d)
Any time I have a picture or a model of a fraction I need....?
a) Big daddy's code b) to shade the whole picure c) d)
If I need to change any fraction into money what strategy?
a) add fraction b) Take it to the corner c) multiply d)
If I only have one fraction in the word problem, and fractions on the answer choices what strategy should I use?
a) round b) take it to the corner c) Butterfly d)
If my answer on a fraction math problem is not there... I need to ?
a) just choose a random answer b) Simplify or go to Lowes c) d)
Fractions are the masters of desguise because?
a) often the answer I get might not be on the answer choices b) they want to have fun c) d)
1/2 is equivalent to ?
a) 5.00 b) .25 c) .50 d)
A mix fraction and an improper fraction are always greater than 1 whole. TRUE OR FALSE
a) FALSE b) TRUE c) d)
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