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to act without thinking ahead
a) contemplate b) impulsive c) disruptive d) administrate
to manage or direct something (in charge)
a) administrate b) disruptive c) anxious d) contemplate
to show someone how to do something
a) disruptive b) contemplate c) demonstrate d) impulsive
a) awe b) demonstrate c) disruptive d) anxious
a baby or young child
a) anxious b) infant c) exclude d) awe
to think about something hard
a) exclude b) haste c) awe d) contemplate
to leave someone out
a) exclude b) haste c) awe d) disruptive
a feeling of wonder towards something
a) haste b) awe c) exclude d) boycott
to do something with speed or urgency
a) disruptive b) haste c) awe d) administrate
to cause a disturbance
a) haste b) contemplate c) administrate d) disruptive
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