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In a cluster, an individual computer is known as a
a) subject b) node c) object d) server
The most common failover cluster is the _____________ cluster in which only one server is active at a time
a) active b) active-passive c) passive d) fail-over
is a group of computers that work together as one virtual computer to provide fault tolerance or increased performance.
a) team b) cluster c) group d) domain
is the combining of network cards to provide fault tolerance.
a) teaming b) paging c) clustering d) nodeing
In Windows, virtual memory uses a _____ file
a) cluster b) system c) paging d) teaming
______ starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and servers.
a) Safe driver b) safe boot c) safe mode d) safe node
The _______ tool can be used to easily disable individual startup programs.
a) teaming b) paging c) disable d) system configuration
The ______ is a simple text file that defines which operating system to load on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems.
a) boot.ini b) boot.i c) master boot record d) cluster
The _______ is the first 512-byte boot sector of a partitioned data storage device such as a hard disk
a) boot.y b) boot.ini c) master boot record d) system configuration
is an electrical device to provide temporary power during power outages.
a) UPS b) power generator c) backup computer d) safe outlet
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