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Electrical energy is leaving power plants at extremely high voltages (700,000 volts) which requires this device to reduce this high voltage:
a) reducer b) turban c) turbine d) transformer
Different energy sources such as gas, coal, and water are used to provide the _____________ energy to rotate coils of wire in a magnetic field.
a) solar b) kinetic c) thermal d) electrical
electrical energy produced at power plants is carried to your home in wires
a) amperes b) ohms c) voltage d) watts
In power plants, _________________ produce almost all of the electrical energy in the world.
a) turbines b) batteries and electric generators c) batteries d) electric generators
Direct current (DC) is where ______________ flow in one direction and is found in ______________________.
a) electrons, electric generators b) neutrons. electric generators c) electrons, batteries d) protons, batteries
Alternating current (AC) is _________________________________ ,thus, changing its direction repeatedly, and is found in __________________________ .
a) positive to negative, electric generators b) negative to positive, electirc generators c) starting and stopping, batteries d) stopping and starting, batteries
In a generator, current is produced in the wire that moves in a magnetic field. The magnetic field exerts a force on the ______________.
a) neutrons b) ions c) electrons d) protons
Coils of wire can produce a(n) __________________.
a) magnetic field b) magnetic domain c) magnetosphere d) aurora
changes voltage of an alternating current and contains 2 coils wrapped around an iron core
a) turban b) transformer c) turbine d) reducer
two metals inside Earth's core
a) iron and steel b) iron and nickel c) iron and aluminum d) iron and copper
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