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His assassination by Serbia started WWI.
a) Franz Ferdinand b) Adolf Hitler c) Josef Stalin d) Benito Mussolini
Allied Power from WWI originally was neutral up until 1917
a) USA b) Italy c) France d) Russia
British passenger ship sunk by German Subs
a) Lusitania b) Titanic c) Pinta d) Santa Maria
part of the Versailles Treaty that would create a group to hopefully end any future wars.
a) League of Nations b) Warsaw Pact c) NATO d) SEATO
started in Europe right after WWI because of Germany's reparation payments; reached the US in 1929.
a) Great Depression b) WWII c) Cold War d) Korean War
Britain and France giving into Hitler's demands to prevent war;
a) Appeasement b) Displacement c) Displeasement d) Amendment
Which leader didn't come about due to the rise of totalitarianism during the Great Depression
a) FDR b) Hitler c) Mussolini d) Gen. Tojo
Japan bombing the American Navy Base got the U.S. involved in WWII.
a) Pearl Harbor b) Ft. Knox c) Ft. Jackson d) Charleston Naval Base
Because of __________, the U.S. saved lives instead of losing lives by invading Japan.
a) The Atomic Bomb b) D-Day c) VE Day d) Independence Day
WWI alliance of Germany, Japan Italy
a) Allied Powers b) Axis Powers c) Central Powers d) Triple Entente
plan to unify France from German control in 1944
a) D-Day b) VE Day c) VJ Day d) Independence Day
invasion of this country started WWII in 1939
a) Poland b) Czechoslovakia c) USSR d) France
Hitler's plan to kill the Jews during the Holocaust
a) Final Solution b) Ultimate Solution c) Last Sollution d) The Ultimatum
court case to punish the Nazi officials for their role in the Holocaust
a) Nuremberg Trials b) Nuremberg Laws c) Nuremberg Decree d) Nuremberg Edict
Jewish homeland created after WWII
a) Israel b) Jordan c) Pakistan d) Palestine
Post WWII tensions between US USSR from 1945-1991
a) Cold War b) WWI c) WWII d) WWIII
Western European alliance to defend against Soviet Aggression
a) NATO b) Warsaw Pact c) SEATO d) CENTO
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