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Magnetite is a _______________ magnet.
a) man-made b) pseudo- c) natural d) artificial
Every magnet has _____ poles.
a) 8 b) 2 c) 4 d) 6
Moving __________________ create magnetic fields.
a) ions b) neutrons c) protons d) electrons
______________ are created from magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion.
a) Magnetospheres b) Magentic domains c) Magnetic fields d) Auroras
A group of atoms with their magnetic poles pointing in the same direction are called _____________________.
a) magnetic domains b) magnetic fields c) magnetospheres d) magnetism
Earth contains a large magnetic field called a(n) __________________.
a) electromagnet b) aurora c) magnetic domain d) magnetosphere
Earth's molten iron in the outer core is responsible for generating the ___________________.
a) aurora b) magnetic field c) magnetic domain d) magnetosphere
When an electric current is created, _____________ flow in a wire.
a) electrons b) protons c) neutrons d) ions
Materials that can become magnetized include _____________ and _________________.
a) copper and iron b) steel and copper c) steel and iron d) copper and aluminum
The magnetic field is strongest near the _____________ of a bar magnet.
a) center b) north pole c) poles d) south pole
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