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Anything that occupies space and has mass is --
a) matter b) an element c) a compound d) an atom
A pure substance that can't be chemically broken down any further is --
a) matter b) an element c) a compound d) an atom
A substance with a fixed ratio made of multiple elements chemically bound is --
a) matter b) an element c) a compound d) an atom
The smallest possible particle in an element is --
a) matter b) an element c) an atom d) a compound
The atomic number is the number of
a) electrons b) protons c) neutrons d) nuclei
Which of the below is false about isotopes?
a) They have a regular number of neutrons b) Radioactive isotopes can emit radiation c) Radioactive isotopes' nuclei break down d) They have a regular number of protons
An ionic bond _____ electrons in atoms
a) shares b) transfers c) transports d) compares
Covalently bonded atoms --
a) create ions b) have as many bonds as needed electrons c) transfer electrons d) all of the above
Molecules cannot be represented by a --
a) chemical formula b) structural formula c) space-filling model d) chemical reaction
A chemical reaction --
a) absorbs energy to break bonds b) forms new bonds by releasing energy c) only rearranges atoms d) all of the above
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