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An organic molecule is based on ____, while hydrocarbons are organisms that must also have _____
a) hydrogen, carbon b) oxygen, nitrogen c) carbon, hydrogen d) nitrogen, oxygen
Which of the 4 main functional groups below is used for electron bonding?
a) hydroxyl group b) carbonyl group c) carboxyl group d) amino group
A carbohydrate is not --
a) inorganic b) have a base of CH2O c) ring-shaped d) hydrophilic
Which of the below is not a polysaccharide?
a) starch b) glucose c) glycogen d) cellulose
A fat molecule is made of ___ and 3 ___ acids
a) glycogen, citric b) glycogen, fatty c) glycerol, citric d) glycerol, fatty
A steroid molecule functions --
a) as chemical messengers b) to cushion c) to insulate d) to store energy
Proteins are made of _____, which are made of ______
a) amino acids, polypeptides b) denaturation, polypeptides c) polypeptides, amino acids d) denaturation, amino acids
Amino acids are not made of --
a) an amino group b) polypeptides c) a carboxyl group d) a side group with unique chemical properties
_____ speed up chemical reactions by lowering activation energy, like their biological counterparts, _______
a) proteins, steroids b) catalysts, enzymes c) enzymes, catalysts d) substrates, amino acids
Which helps build polymer chains?
a) Hydrolysis reaction b) Condensation reaction c) Dehydration reaction d) Denaturation
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