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Also known as false feet aids in movement and feeding
a) Pseudopod b) cilia c) Paramecium d) Flagella
Tiny hair-like structures that help the paramecium move and eat
a) Pseudopods b) Euglena c) Cilia d) Flagella
The energy in food is stored until it released by the...
a) Chloroplast b) Golgi Body c) Ribosomes d) Mitochondria
All cells have an outer covering called a cell membrane
a) True b) False c) d)
Both plant and animal cells have a cell wall
a) True b) False c) d)
What does the Euglena use to move?
a) Flagella b) Cilia c) Pseudopods d) Automobile
Which one is a protist?
a) All the above b) Paramecium c) Amoeba d) Euglena
Prokaryotic cells have a neucleous
a) False b) True c) d)
What is the gelatin-like substance that cells are filled with ?
a) Golgi Body b) Ribosomes c) Cytoplasm d) Chloroplast
What is one thing that plant cells have that animal cells don't?
a) Centrioles b) Chloroplast c) Cell Membrane d) Cytoplasm
Are there many different types of cells?
a) Yes b) No c) d)
Can cells be harmful
a) Yes b) No c) d)
Which of the following make up an organ system?
a) Organ b) Blood c) Tissue d) Arm
Cells are the building blocks of all living things
a) True b) False c) d)
What do you use to view a cells organelles
a) microscope b) Telescope c) Scale d) Microchip
What do cells make up?
a) Tissue b) Blood c) Organ d) Cell Membrane
An organelle that provides structure for plant cells
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) chloroplast d) Cytoplasm
Protective layer for both plant and animal cells
a) Cell Membrane b) Cell Wall c) Mitochondria d) Ribosome
Controls cells activities
a) Nucleus b) Golgi body c) Ribosomes d) Lysosome
What is the structure that makes proteins?
a) Ribosomes b) Chloroplast c) ER d) Nucleus
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