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A party’s statements of policy and promises
a) constituent b) referendum c) platform d) initiative
Person who lives in an office holder’s voting district
a) opposition party b) constituent c) register d) initiative
Party not in power
a) incumbent b) opposition party c) constituent d) referendum
A candidate running for re-election
a) referendum b) incumbent c) constituent d) platform
Fill out a form to vote
a) register b) voting district c) platform d) constituent
Voters decide on laws at the state level
a) referendum b) initiative c) platform d) register
Voting on a law proposed by popular demand or by a legislative body
a) constituent b) incumbent c) initiative d) referendum
Place where a person lives and votes
a) voting district b) constituent c) platform d) incumbent
What branch includes the courts
a) Judicial b) Legislative c) Executive d)
The first sentence of the constitution is called
a) Preamble b) Topic sentence c) d)
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