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To maintain internal temperatures, animals may form thick coats of fur or feathers to insulate their body from cold weather; in hot weather animals will ___________ this extra covering, providing a cooling effect.
a) shed b) shiver c) pant d) sweat
An organism’s major way of getting rid of excess body heat. When______________evaporates from the surface of the skin, it cools the animal.
a) shed b) pant c) sweat d) shiver
A way of getting rid of excess body heat.  When an animal ___________(breathes heavily), increased air flow causes an increase in evaporation from the animal’s mouth and lungs, cooling the animal.
a) sweat b) pant c) shiver d) drool
An involuntary response to a drop in the temperature outside or within the body.  It is a method that the body uses to increase the rate at which energy is transformed into heat
a) shiver b) sweat c) pant d) drool
An automatic response that helps to protect the eye.
a) sleep b) blink c) sweat d) pant
A state of greatly reduced body activity, used to conserve food stored in the body.
a) hibernation b) dormant c) migration d) nap
The movement of animals from one place to another in response to seasonal changes. They travel to other places where food is available.
a) hibernation b) vacation c) migration d) nap
When animals can hide themselves in their environment.
a) Camouflage b) Mimicry c) Migration d)
When a weaker animal copies stronger animals' characteristics to warn off predators.
a) Migration b) Grouping c) Twin d) Mimicry
A behavioral process whereby adults of a species try to attract a potential mate.
a) Mimicry b) Grouping c) Courtship d)
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