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The kind of weathering that changes the composition of a rock is
a) physical weathering b) carbonation c) Chemica weathering d) mechanical weathering
layers of soil are called
a) horizons b) strata c) zones d) profiles
Sediments are classified by their
a) composition b) size c) shape d) origin
Which of the following is not a feature of sedimentary rocks
a) cross bedding b) graded bedding c) fossils d) air bubbles
which rock is made from pieces of other rocks
a) conglomerate b) basalt c) granite d) gneiss
a car that has rusted has undergone
a) carbonation b) oxidation c) hydration d) cementation
the smallest size sediment is
a) clay b) sand c) silt d) pebble
Organic Sedimentary rock is hardened by
a) cementation b) compaction c) evaporation d) oxidation
Which of the following factors does not affect weathering
a) cracks in rock b) climate c) kind of rock d) size of rock
pedalfers contain
a) feldspar and silica b) aluminum and feldspar c) aluminum and iron d) aluminum and oxygen
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