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Should you support your kids giving out personal information?
a) A; Totally b) B; Uhm, no. Never. c) d)
2. If you see a fellow student doing inappropriate stuff on the internet, should you tell the teacher?
a) A; of course they should know! b) B; Nah. c) d)
3. If something pops up on your computer, that says “Download this so you can watch Captain America, Civil war before anyone else!” should you download it without your teachers permission?
a) A; Probably not, I should ask them first. b) B; Screw you guys, i'm watching this movie now. Let's download it. c) d)
4. If we all go to the computer lab, should we have our drinks right next to the computers?
a) A; No, it could spill. b) B; It won't spill. c) d)
5. Should you print without permission?
a) A; Whatever, I print what I want. b) B; It could break the printer and cost money, i'll ask before i do it. c) d)
6; Is it true that you can record videos with jing?
a) Yes! b) No! c) d)
7. Can you screenshot on your computer with jing?
a) Nah. b) Of course we can! c) d)
8; Will jing always stay on your computer?
a) Nope, not at all b) Always! I stick it on the side for it to stay away! c) d)
9; When you record with jing for video stuff, can you hear your own voice while you do that, or is it just video?
a) Nope, you can't. b) Yes i can! c) d)
Is Jing a spamware?
a) Actually yes, there's a reasons ads been popping up right and left... b) Nope! We totally didn't download that! c) d)
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