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What is Science Fiction?
a) scientific research b) a setting c) writing centered on advanced technology that is far more advanced than today d) stories about the past only, and wishing for the future
What is Fantasy?
a) discovery learning in writing b) a story that is likely not to happen in real life, usually contains magic and is set in another world c) exploring fairies and myths d) animals and witches telling myths
Science Fiction includes which of the following?
a) fairies and witches b) imaginary settings c) magic or scientific principles not yet discovered d) futurific and/or outer space setting, discovery of scientific principles and aliens or unknown civilizations
Which includes elements of Fantasy?
a) good vs. evil, varied and surprising settins, magic and imaginary locations b) political or social systems, futuristic settings c) time travel and aliens d) new technology
Which genre would include an alternate time line?
a) Science Fiction b) Fantasy c) d)
Which genre would include mental powers that are not possible?
a) Science Fiction b) Fantasy c) d)
Which has a setting of an imaginary or another world or universe?
a) Science Fiction b) Fantasy c) d)
Which genre includes characters that are mythical creatures, talking animals, witches or sorcerers?
a) Science Fiction b) Fantasy c) d)
Which genre is used in The City of Ember?
a) Science Fiction b) Fantasy c) Realistic Fiction d) Historical Fiction
In what genre would you place The Wizard of Oz?
a) Science Fiction b) Fantasy c) d)
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