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Which of these statements best explains the process of energy conversion that takes place in the mitochondria?
a) Energy is required for carbon dioxide molecules to form six-carbon sugar molecules. b) Water molecules and radiant energy are necessary for anaerobic respiration to take place. c) Oxygen molecules release energy in the form of heat during combustion reactions. d) The energy in the bonds of glucose molecules is transferred to the phosphate bonds in ATP.
When a sea urchin egg is removed from the ocean and placed in freshwater, the egg swells and bursts. Which of these causes water to enter the egg?
a) osmosis b) diffusion c) exocytosis d) endocytosis
Active transport is a way for molecules to move across the cell membrane. When active transport is used to move molecules, what is required?
a) very small molecules b) a concentration gradient c) osmosis d) energy
This process is a form of active transport that moves three sodium ions to the outside of a cell for every two potassium ions that it moves to the inside of the cell. Which of these best explains why energy is needed for active transport?
a) Ions are negatively charged b) Ions are attached to large proteins. c) Ions are trapped inside the plasma membrane. d) Ions are moved against the concentration gradient.
What term is used to describe the cell’s maintenance of a stable, internal environment resulting in balance?
a) respiration b) homeostasis c) metabolism d) metamorphosis
Which of the following statements best describes why oxygen diffuses from the lungs into the blood?
a) the diaphragm draws oxygen into the lungs at a rapid speed b) lung cells contain hemoglobin to transfer gases to the blood c) the concentration of oxygen is greater in the lungs than in the blood therefore the oxygen will move from a high concentra d) red blood cells move one at a time through the capillaries within the lungs
Which of the following scenarios is an example of osmosis?
a) carbohydrates moving in and out of an animal cell b) carbon dioxide moving into the leaf cells of a plant c) water moving into the root cells of a plant d) oxygen moving into the bloodstream from the lungs
Which energy conversion takes place in some plant cells, but never in animal cells?
a) chemical energy to light energy b) chemical energy to the energy of motion c) the energy of motion to sound energy d) light energy to chemical energy
If a particle enters the cell by active transport, then the particle is
a) more concentrated outside the cell than inside it b) needed for synthesizing a large molecule c) more concentrated inside the cell than outside it. d) being moved without the use of energy
A thermostat maintains an ideal temperature of a room. What cell process is similar to this?
a) food storage b) photosynthesis c) homeostasis d) active transport
Which cellular process takes place in the ribosomes that are bound to the endoplasmic reticulum?
a) The breakdown of waste material b) The conversion of radiant energy to glucose c) The synthesis of new proteins d) The replication of nucleic acids
Which group of organelles is directly responsible for the production of new molecules within a cell?
a) Ribosomes, the endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi apparatuses b) Golgi apparatuses, lysosomes, and the plasma membrane c) The endoplasmic reticulum, plastids, and vacuoles d) The nucleolus, vacuoles, and ribosomes
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