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rules for judging something or making a decision
a) orbit b) sphere c) criteria d) diameter
to move around another object
a) orbit b) sphere c) criteria d) evaluate
finding an answer with mathematics
a) evaluate b) criteria c) orbit d) calculation
the distance across the center of a circle (side to side)
a) evaluate b) sphere c) criteria d) diameter
relating to outer space or astronomy
a) astronomical b) approximately c) orbit d) criteria
a round three-dimensional object
a) diameter b) orbit c) sphere d) criteria
almost, but not completely, accurate or exact
a) criteria b) approximately c) diameter d) astronomical
to examine something closely to find its value
a) calculation b) diameter c) orbit d) evaluate
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word approximately?
a) almost b) exactly c) tightly d) often
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word evaluate?
a) anticipate b) judge c) organize d) structure
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