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Who was a woman who fought for the rights of prisoners and the mentally ill?
a) Sojourner Truth b) Lucretia Mott c) Dorothea Dix d) Harriet Beecher Stowe
Who was a preacher who led the temperance movement?
a) Lyman Beecher b) Charles Grandison Finney c) Cyrus McCormick d) Brigham Young
Who was President during the Mexican-American War and gained the land of the Oregon Territory, Texas, and the Mexican Cession?
a) Zachary Taylor b) Sam Houston c) Horace Mann d) James Polk
Who was the American General who led the Americans to victory in the Mexican-American War and later became President?
a) James Polk b) Zachary Taylor c) Frederick Douglass d) Thomas Galluadet
What woman originally name Isabella Baumfree fought for women's rights and against slavery by giving fiery and dramatic speeches?
a) Harriet Tubman b) Dorothea Dix c) Susan B. Anthony d) Sojourner Truth
Who led the common school movement, and pushed for more teacher training and longer school years?
a) Horace Mann b) John Deere c) Samuel Morse d) Nat Turner
Who founded the first school for the hearing impaired?
a) Horace Mann b) Robert Fulton c) Thomas Gallaudet d) Stephen Austin
Who published the abolitionist newspaper the Liberator and founded the American Anti-Slavery Society?
a) Frederick Douglass b) Ralph Waldo Emerson c) Francis Cabot Lowell d) William Lloyd Garrison
Who invented the commercial steamboat?
a) Peter Cooper b) Robert Fulton c) Samuel Slater d) Nat Turner
Who published the anti-slavery newspaper the North Star, and was an escaped slave who gave speeches against slavery?
a) Henry David Thoreau b) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna c) Nat Turner d) Frederick Douglass
Who invented the cotton gin and the idea of interchangeable parts?
a) Eli Whitney b) Samuel Morse c) Samuel Slater d) Francis Cabot Lowell
Who was the Native leader of the Fox and Sauk Indians who fought to keep their land in Illinois?
a) Osceola b) Black Hawk c) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna d) Tecumseh
Who was a popular transcendentalist writer who pushed for Americans to follow their own beliefs?
a) Eli Whitney b) Lucretia Mott c) Ralph Waldo Emerson d) Lyman Beecher
Who developed a system of placing all of the steps of production in one factory, and hired women and girls to work in those factories?
a) Francis Cabot Lowell b) Robert Fulton c) James Polk d) John Deere
Who invented the telegraph?
a) Samuel Slater b) Samuel Morse c) John Deere d) Horace Mann
Who snuck out of England and came to America with the plans for factories in his head?
a) Brigham Young b) Cyrus McCormick c) Samuel Slater d) Black Hawk
Who led the Texans at the Battle of San Jacinto where they won against Mexico and forced them to recognize Texas' independence?
a) Stephen Austin b) Sam Houston c) Osceola d) Henry David Thoreau
Who was an important leader in the Second Great Awakening and held many religious revivals?
a) Charles Grandison Finney b) Samuel Morse c) Frederick Douglass d) Sojourner Truth
Who was a transcendentalist writer who pushed for Americans to be self-reliant and live in nature?
a) Henry David Thoreau b) Robert fulton c) Elizabeth Cady Stanton d) Dorothea Dix
Who led the most violent slave in the United States in 1831?
a) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna b) Zachary Taylor c) Frederick Douglass d) Nat Turner
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