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What is Plasticity?
a) how rubbery the brain is b) when a childs brain quits making synapses c) the point in a childs development when the baby\'s brain can make new synapses d) a city in India
Parts of nuerons are insulated with
a) antacid b) lard c) myelin d) nomex
what part of the brain is well establised at birth with the midbrain?
a) The Brain Stem b) The Visual Cortex c) The Bedrock d) The Hippocampus
name one procedure the view a living brain
a) cesection b) X-ray c) MRI d) lobotamy
newborns initially do what with their weight?
a) lose it b) save it until winter c) make it dissapear d) gain it
The pattern of developing from the head down is called
a) proximodistal b) digestion c) antidisestablishmentarienism d) cephalocaudal
At birth, the brain is what percent of its adult size?
a) 50% b) A baby has no brain at birth c) 100% d) 25%
The production of new nuerons is called
a) cauterization b) proliferation c) correlation d) coordination
babys double their weight in how many months?
a) -1 b) 5 c) 6 d) 45
The brain is part of what system
a) digestive b) nervous c) endocrine d) integumentary
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