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The character's experience means-
a) what the character does or feels b) where the character lives c) what the character wears d)
When the question says THROUGHOUT it means -
a) from the middle of the story b) at the end of the story c) from the beginning to the end of the story d) the title
The author wrote The Alien Loves Underpants to-
a) explain how aliens put on underpants b) amuse the reader c) share his opinion about why they should wear underpants. d) to inform us how to buy underpants
You can tell that the poem/ story is a narrative because-
a) it tells a story b) rhymes c) persuades the reader d)
The suffix ly means-
a) in a round about way b) in certain way c) d)
The suffix able means
a) able to b) not able to c) one who d) full of
How can you tell if the story is a biography?
a) It tells a story b) it tells about a person's life c) it is their life story d) it is boring
The prefixes: dis, mis, non, un
a) not b) before c) again d) one who
When I saw the cute puppy, my heart melted. The author uses these word to-
a) describe how the speaker looks b) show the speaker loves the puppy c) describe the speaker's fear d) emphasize the temperature of the speaker's heart
When something is different it is -
a) uncomfortable b) unusual c) unsure d) unable
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