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Which movement had the greatest influence on the Renaissance?
a) Utopianism b) Feudalism c) Humanism d) Romanticism
This empire fought on horseback, were nomads, and they conquered China and Russia -
a) Persian Empire b) Ottoman Empire c) Byzantine Empire d) Mongol Empire
The Gutenburg (movable) printing press helped spread new ideas, by doing what?
a) Construction of Monasteries b) Development of Guilds c) Growth of Universities d) Production of Books
During the Paleolithic Era, how did most early humans acquire food?
a) By planting crops b) From domesticated animals c) By following animal migrations d) From nearby settlements
Where do archaeologist believe the first humans appeared?
a) Europe b) Asia c) America d) Africa
The ancient Hebrews established a civilization near which location?
a) Turkey b) Iraq c) Israel d) Saudi Arabia
Alexander helped create and spread Hellenistic Culture? What is Hellenistic Culture?
a) blend of Greek and Oriental b) Greek c) blend of Chinese and Persain d) African
Pericles was from :
a) Egypt b) Sparta c) Persia d) Athens
What religion started in the Middle East and spread to both Europe and India?
a) Chirstianity b) Islam c) Hebrew d) Buddism
The Vikings who invaded Europe in the Middle Ages were from —
a) Poland b) Russia c) Turkey d) Scandinavia
Which factor was most important about the site of Constantinople?
a) Mountains for stone building materials b) Peninsula for easily constructed defenses c) River valley to provide rich farmland d) Desert oasis to supply fresh water
In the 14th and 15th centuries, most goods arrived in northern Europe from Constantinople after crossing the —
a) Black Sea b) Indian Ocean c) Red Sea d) Pacific Ocean
Machu Picchu is located in which type of geographic region?
a) Arid valley of Asia b) Rain forest of Africa c) Mountains of South American d) Plains North America
Which characteristic was most common in ancient river valley civilizations?
a) Hereditary rule b) Limited population growth c) Social equality d) Limited economic growth
Which government followed this development : 1. Monarchy, 2. Aristocracy, 3. Tyranny, 4. Democracy
a) Byzantium b) Sparta c) Rome d) Athens
Which change was a result of the rise of the feudal system?
a) Major cities were established. b) Local lords had the most political power. c) Artistic achievements became socially important. d) Long-distance trade routes were developed.
In The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli explained why it is necessary for leaders to have —
a) absolute power b) constitutional government c) democratic participation d) political equality
Rome was what type of government?
a) Republic b) Democracy c) Socialist d) Communist
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