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hardship; misfortune
a) reprieve b) slanderous c) adversity d) brawny
a) brawny b) congenial c) slanderous d) transpire
agreeable; pleasant
a) slanderous b) vigilant c) congenial d) docile
proper, dignified behavior
a) decorum b) quell c) reprieve d) slanderous
easily taught; easily led or managed
a) quell b) brawny c) docile d) vigilant
to crush; to hold back
a) reprieve b) transpire c) docile d) quell
a) slanderous b) reprieve c) docile d) congenial
false and damaging to one's reputation
a) slanderous b) quell c) congenial d) vigilant
to come to be; to happen
a) decorum b) quell c) slanderous d) transpire
alert; watchful
a) congenial b) vigilant c) slanderous d) docile
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