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A form of government where the people rule through elected representatives is known as?
a) Democracy b) Republicanism c) Dictatorship d) Populism
In order to protect each branch of government from being to powerful, the founders set up a system of-
a) dictatorships b) justice c) trials and test d) checks and balances
Popular Sovereignty is the idea that-
a) Power comes from the elected officals b) Power comes from the people c) Power comes from the president d) power comes from only those who own land
Who is the primary author of the Decloration of Independence?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Benjamin Rush c) John Hancock d) George Washington
John Jay was the?
a) Writer of the Decleration of Independence b) Author of the Constitution c) First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court d) Ambassador to China
Laissez- Faire is also known as?
a) High government involvement in the economy b) Free Enterprise c) Communism d) Fascism
a) g b) c) d)
a) g b) c) d)
a) g b) c) d)
a) g b) c) d)
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