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the layer of gases around the Earth
a) noticeable b) stability c) impact d) atmosphere
solid and steady; not changing much
a) variation b) stability c) impact d) receding
the amount that something changes
a) variation b) stability c) gradual d) receding
moving or backing away
a) decay b) noticeable c) receding d) gradual
to have a strong effect
a) impact b) gradual c) decay d) atmosphere
easily seen or noticed; clear or apparent
a) receding b) decay c) impact d) noticeable
to rot
a) gradual b) receding c) impact d) decay
to happen slowly
a) receding b) decay c) impact d) gradual
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word gradual?
a) abnormal b) gentle c) sudden d) wooden
Noun: The state of being stable 2. The strength to stand or endure
a) atmosphere b) impact c) stability d) variations
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