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the range of electromagnetic waves
a) infrared waves b) radio waves c) electromagnetic spectrum d) carrier waves
waves given off by almost every object
a) electromagnetic waves b) radiant energy c) infrared waves d) ultraviolet radiation
waves detectable by human eye
a) carrier waves b) gamma rays c) visible light d) ultraviolet radiation
waves that cause sunburn
a) infrared waves b) ultraviolet radiation c) carrier waves d) visible light
waves that can penetrate skin and muscle, but can be stopped by lead shields
a) ultraviolet radiation b) gamma rays c) x-rays d) infrared waves
waves with the highest frequency and the most penetrating power
a) gamma rays b) x-rays c) ultraviolet radiation d) infrared waves
frequencies assigned to radio stations
a) radio waves b) carrier waves c) infrared waves d) gamma rays
are used to send signals from a pager to a base station
a) ultraviolet light b) infrared waves c) microwaves d) radio waves
can be used to map wildfires obscured by smoke
a) Global Positioning System b) infrared waves c) ultraviolet radiation d) carrier waves
enables your body to produce Vitamin D
a) gamma rays b) visible light c) infrared waves d) ultraviolet radiation
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