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a) metaphysical b) fake c) allien d) abnormal
cover with a that is put over the coffine
a) meek b) rebuke c) pall d) mook
most extreme
a) boring b) keen c) parkour d) shoal
having a sharp point or edge
a) vaulting b) durst c) keen d) spur
to or toward this place
a) hither b) foward c) backward d) reverse
slows the movement
a) gall b) meek c) keen d) impedes
being above or beyond what is natural
a) powers b) allein c) supernatural d) wizard
a) unicorn b) fantastical c) royal d) hue
of or relating to a king or queen
a) royal b) peremptorily c) peculiar d) roustabout
to cause to go quickly
a) captain b) hither c) hue d) hie
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