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Deposition is
a) the depositing of material after erosion b) the movement of rock from one place to another c) the breaking down of rock d) the smoothing of rock
What is the deepest part of the ocean?
a) abyssal plain b) ridges c) trenches d) sea mounts
What is the flattest area of the ocean floor?
a) the continental slope b) the continenetal rise c) the abyssal plain d) the mid ocean ridge
Which is an important factor of the chemical weathering of rock?
a) water b) wind c) acid rain d) ice
Abyssal plains, trenches, and rift valleys are all examples of
a) types of glaciers b) types of continental slopes c) features of the ocean floor d) features on a topographical map
Why might a beach house be built on stilts, high in the air?
a) to make it more accessible by boat b) to protect from wildlife c) to protect from high tide d) to make it easier to see from far away
Which of these is where fresh water meets salt water?
a) dune b) beach c) estuary d) plain
Which of the following resources can help prevent erosion?
a) compost b) trees and plants c) water d) fossil fuels
What is the cause of the tides?
a) gravity of the sun and the moon b) gravity of the Earth c) the amount of pollution in the water d) the temperature of the water
A barrier island
a) is made of dirt and rock. b) is made from a volcano. c) protects the shore from storms and large waves. d) forces ocean levels to rise once a month.
A large area where plates move away from each other, forming a series of fractures and faults is called
a) barrier island b) continental slope c) trench d) rift zone
What is the mountain range that runs beneath the ocean?
a) ocean basin b) sea mount c) continental shelf d) mid ocean ridge
Which of the following does not affect the movement of sediment along the ocean shore?
a) currents b) size of sand particals c) wave patterns d) temperatures
What is the best way to describe a valley with deep sides?
a) mountain b) inlet c) fjord d) canyon
Which types of pollution causes acid rain?
a) polluted land covered in litter b) polluted water from landfills in major cities c) polluted water from farms and fertilizers d) polluted air from factories, cars, and trucks
Which of the following can rapidly affect Earth's surface?
a) annual rain fall b) sediment deposits c) earthquakes d) frozen parcipitation
Over time how do you think the waves will change rocks on a beach?
a) Waves will press small rocks together to form large rocks b) Waves will pound and smooth rocks and break them apart c) Waves will wet the rocks but will not change them d) Waves will change the rocks into sea salt
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