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What takes the most amount of time?
a) Earth rotates once b) Earth revolves once c) The Moon revolves once d) All take the same amount of time
Which best describes the shape of orbits of planets in our solar system?
a) Cirular b) Staright line c) Elliptical d) Rectangular
What planet has no atmosphere and does not have a degree of tilt
a) Saturn b) Mars c) Jupiter d) Mercury
Seasons on Earth are a result of __________
a) Earth's revolution b) Earth's tilted axis and revolution c) Earth's rotation d) Earth's tilted axis and rotation
Saturn has rings that are how large in size?
a) 18,000 miles wide b) 185,000 miles wide c) 8,000 miles wide d) 18,000,000 miles wide
What module landed on the moon?
a) command module b) moon module c) lunar module d) Apollo 11 module
What year did Apollo 11 launch?
a) 1969 b) 1959 c) 1960 d) 1964
The planet ___________ is nearly the same size of Earth
a) Venus b) pluto c) Mars d) Mercury
What mission finally landed on the moon?
a) Apollo 1 b) Freedom 7 c) Apollo 8 d) Apollo 11
The moon is an example of a ________________
a) planet b) flower c) natural satellite d) artificial satellite
These planets have no solid surface and rotate relatively quickly
a) Terrestrial planets b) Gas giants/Jovian planets c) Astronomical units d) atmospheric
The first artificial satellite ____________ was placed into orbit around Earth by the former Soviet Union in 1957.
a) Freedom 7 b) Sputnik 1 c) Explorer 1 d) Vasputik 1
Which planet has four Galilean Moons?
a) Saturn b) Earth c) Uranus d) Jupiter
Which planet has the least gravity?
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Jupiter d) Saturn
Earth is 1 AU from the Sun. 1 AU=_____________
a) 150 km b) 1500 KM c) 150000 KM d) 150000000KM
Which one is NOT a terrestrial planet?
a) Mars b) Saturn c) Earth d) Venus
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