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Reproduction that creates genetic diversity in offspring.
a) Asexual b) Sexual c) Budding d) Mitosis
In asexual reproduction, the offspring are _________ of the parent.
a) a blend b) a genetic recombination c) identical clones d) all of the options are true
Asexual cell division.
a) gamete b) fertilization c) meiosis d) mitosis
Cell division that creates sex cells.
a) meiosis b) mitosis c) budding d) binary fission
Asexual reproduction bacteria.
a) mitosis b) meiosis c) regeneration d) binary fission
In potatoes, a new plant grows from an extension on the potato.
a) budding b) regeneration c) pollination d) fertilization
The meeting of the sperm and egg during sexual reproduction.
a) crossing over b) fertilization c) haploid d) recombination
Cells created by meiosis.
a) haploid b) gametes c) sex cells d) all answers are correct
Cells created by mitosis.
a) diploid b) body cells c) clones d) all answers are correct
The number of chromosomes in a human gamete.
a) 92 b) 46 c) 23 d) none of the answers are correct
A organism has a haploid chromosome number of 20. How many chromosomes does one of its body cells contain?
a) 20 b) 40 c) 60 d) 80
Process that occurs during meiosis when homologous chromosomes exchange genetic information and add to the diversity of the daughter cells.
a) crossing over b) regeneration c) telophase d) cytokinesis
The scientific term for sex cells.
a) diploid b) clone c) gamete d) pollen
After fertilization, what process is responsible for the growth and development of a multi-cellular organism?
a) crossing over b) pollination c) meiosis d) mitosis
An organism contains 58 chromosomes in its cells. How many chromosomes do each of the daughter cells contain after mitosis?
a) 29 b) 58 c) 116 d) impossible to tell
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