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Where did the Maya civilization live?
a) the Yucatan Peninsula b) the central valley of Mexico c) South America by the Andes mountains d) the island of Texaco or Texcoco
Which of the following modern day countries are not part of where the Mayan civilization was located?
a) Peru b) Hondrus c) Belize d) Mexico
Which group was NOT considered part of the Mayan nobility?
a) farmers b) architects c) merchants d) scholars
Most of the Mayan population was made up of
a) peasants b) nobility c) slaves d) merchants
What was the most important crop to the Mayans?
a) maize b) avocado c) chili pepper d) apples
What type of farming was used in the mountains?
a) terraced b) slash and burn c) chinampas d) no farming was possible
What type of agriculture allowed the Mayans to make more land for farming?
a) slash and burn b) chinampas c) terraced farming d) no farming was possible this way
What people of the Mayans social class lived in houses with palm leaf roofs?
a) farmers and laborers b) merchants and architects c) nobles and priests d) kings and their families
Who of the Mayan social class lived in stone houses
a) nobility b) farmers c) merchants d) architects
What unique accomplishment did the Mayans have that was different then every other Mesoamerican civilization?
a) they made their own writing system b) they made agriculture c) they built their capital on a lake d) they built massive temples in the Andes mountains
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