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Mr. Pickinpaugh is........
a) The most amazing teacher ever b) c) d)
In what layer of the Earth's atmosphere would you expect to find the ozone layer
a) Troposphere b) Mesosphere c) Exosphere d) Stratosphere
B horizon is known as
a) Topsoil b) Bedrock c) Subsoil d) Clay
What has to happen first in order for soil to form
a) Decomposition b) Deposition c) Weathering d) Erosion
Soil horizon A is known as
a) Sub-soil b) Topsoil c) Litter d) Bedrock
In which soil horizon would you expect to find the most humus
a) A horizon b) B horizon c) C horizon d) O horizon
The Earth is the only terrestrial planet that has soil
a) True b) False c) d)
In which horizon would you find the most rock fragments
a) A horizon b) B horizon c) C horizon d) O horizon
Soil is a valuable resource because it is important to all living things
a) True b) False c) d)
Soil made up of equal parts of clay, sand, and silt is
a) Litter b) Oxidation c) Loam d) Soil pH
A cold and dry climate would cause soil to form
a) Slowly b) Unevenly c) Rapidly d) At the same rate
Rocks would weather fast in a warm wet climate
a) True b) False c) d)
The ability soil has to support plant growth
a) Chemistry b) Fertility c) Texture d) Pore Space
Mixture of weathered sediment, organic material, water, and air
a) Humus b) Cookie recipe c) Soil d) Dirt
Vertical section showing the soil horizons
a) Soil Horizon b) Soil Profile c) Soil Sample d) Soil Fertility
Layers of soil with distinct physical properties in a soil profile
a) Soil Profile b) Soil Layers c) Soil Horizon d) Soil Sections
Process in which sediments move from one place to another by water, wind, ice, or gravity
a) Erosion b) Weathering c) Deposition d) YO MAMA
Rocks are broken down into smaller pieces
a) Erosion b) Weathering c) Physical actions d) Sediments
Decomposed organic matter
a) Sediments b) Fertility c) Humus d) Loam
Process by which sediments settle or drop out of wind or water
a) Erosion b) Deposition c) Weathering d) Sediments
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