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My family lives in one half of a _____ and my grandmother lives on the other side.
a) duplex b) bicycle c) dual d) bilingual
He had _____ careers in writing and teaching.
a) dual b) duet c) biannual d) ambidextrous
The _____ car could drive on land and in the water.
a) amphibious b) ambidextrous c) ambivalent d) ambiguous
The _____ sale at the department store only takes place every six months.
a) biannual b) bilingual c) ambidextrous d) ambiguous
The more meanings a word has the more _____ it is.
a) ambiguous b) ambivalent c) bilingual d) biannual
It's much easier to balance on three wheels than it is to ride a _____.
a) bicycle b) amphibious c) dual d) ambidextrous
Fran is _____ since she speaks French and English.
a) bilingual b) ambidextrous c) ambivalent d) duet
I couldn't perform my _____ because my partner was sick.
a) duet b) dual c) bicycle d) bilingual
Rose was very _____ about moving; she was excited to start a new school but she was very sad to leave her friends.
a) ambivalent b) ambiguous c) ambidextrous d) amphibious
Luckily I was _____, so I could write with my left hand when I had a cast on my right.
a) ambidextrous b) amphibious c) ambivalent d) ambiguous
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