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Patterns and pictures made from stars in the night sky are called
a) consternations b) imaginations c) galaxies d) constellations
How many constellations are there?
a) 18 b) 45 c) 22 d) 88
Higher light wavelengths have ___ energy
a) higher b) lower c) fluctuating d) the same amount of
What does the spectrum of a star tell us?
a) a star's age b) what a star is made of c) the star's temperature d) all of the above
If a star has a negative apparent magnitude, what does this mean?
a) it appears very bright b) it appears very dim c) it is a medium-bright star d) it didn't do well at the reality fair.
Luminosity depends on
a) a star's temperature and age b) a star's temperature and size c) a star's age and size d) a star's distance and temperature
What powers stars?
a) fire b) iron c) nuclear fission d) nuclear fusion
Which is NOT an inner layer of a star?
a) the core b) the corona c) the radiative zone d) the convection zone
Which is NOT part of the atmosphere of a star?
a) the corona b) the chromosphere c) the radiative zone d) the photosphere
How do most stars exist?
a) by themselves b) near black holes c) in multiple star systems d) all of the above
Tight, spherical clusters of stars that are the same age and the same distance from Earth are called
a) open clusters b) globular clusters c) spherical clusters d) elliptical clusters
Stars are classified by their
a) temperature b) size c) spectra d) distance
A star's ___ determines its temperature and color
a) mass b) distance c) luminosity d) magnitude
Which has the shortest life span?
a) higher-mass stars b) lower-mass stars c) they have equal life spans d) mass has nothing to do with it
Why do higher-mass stars have short life spans?
a) the color of the star determines its life span. b) the fuel is spread out over time c) the less fuel it has, the quicker it runs out d) the more gravity that pulls inward, the hotter the core gets and the faster fuel is burned
When do stars leave the main sequence?
a) when they no longer fuse helium into carbon b) when they no longer fuse hydrogen into helium c) when they run out of dust d) when they lose gravity
Which star leaves the main sequence and turns into a red giant and later a white dwarf?
a) lower-mass star b) higher-mass star c) d)
What holds galaxies together?
a) gravity b) superglue c) strong force d) nuclear force
It is thought that more than 90% of the universe is made of
a) matter b) empty space c) dark matter d) ALIENS
How are galaxies distributed throughout the universe?
a) they are spread out evenly b) they are clumped together in clusters c) they are mostly even, with a few groups here and there d) none of the above
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