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push/encourage someone to do something
a) poverty b) resigned c) urged d) shortage
extremely poor
a) poverty b) escapade c) prospect d) urged
a crazy situation; a wild adventure
a) shortage b) urged c) resigned d) escapade
frustration; feeling overwhelmed
a) exasperation b) prospect c) escapade d) possessions
things you own
a) prospect b) possessions c) resigned d) poverty
when you have to deal with something that you really don't want to do
a) resigned b) obligated c) escapade d) urged
a) desolate b) unsettling c) insolent d) peered
to take upon yourself
a) desolate b) resemble c) presume d) peered
a) resemble b) presume c) irritable d) rummage
to look or search for something
a) presume b) irritable c) rummage d) resemble
upsetting; uncomfortable; uneasy
a) unsettling b) insolent c) resemble d) desolate
sad, deserted
a) resemble b) desolate c) insolent d) rummage
creating a distraction
a) presume b) peered c) desolate d) diversion
a) insolent b) peered c) presume d) incredulous
to look at something
a) peered b) diversion c) resemble d) presume
to look like something else
a) presume b) resemble c) rummage d) desolate
something you have to do without any choice
a) obligated b) resigned c) escapade d) urged
a) obligated b) astonished c) resigned d) shortage
a person doesn't have enough of something
a) prospect b) urged c) shortage d) escapade
something that is likely to happen
a) prospect b) urged c) escapade d) poverty
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