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What do index contour lines show?
a) Shows elevation of contour lines b) Show us slope and relief c) none d) has only 1 slope
What does the global positioning systems (GPS ) use to determine location?
a) The global positioning systems are satellites b) Robots c) I don't know answer d) Piedmont Region
What do closely contour lines indicate?
a) Ratio b) The spaced lines show us steeper slopes c) elevation , Relief and Slope d) Contour Interval
Elevation is the distance between the point measured and_________________.
a) Sea Level b) Elevation c) Slope d) both 1 & 2
A map scale iexpresses distance through a ______________.
a) Percentage b) Fraction c) Ratio d) Decimal
On a topographic map , what does a contour line that forms a closed circle indicate?
a) Hill top b) Plateau c) Slope d) Black bear Camp
What is the relief of the map?
a) 500 b) 1100 c) 870 d) 34
What region is exposed of bedrock?
a) Coastal Zone b) Coastal Plains c) Sandhills d) Piedmont Region
The highest point of South Carolina
a) Blue Ridge b) Sandhills c) Piedmont Region d) Coastal Zone
What region has swampy forests , marshes and savannas?
a) Coastal Zone b) Sandhills c) Piedmont Region d) Coastal Plains
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