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This is the capital of Iran.
a) Muscat b) Tehran c) Syria d) Egypt
Cairo is the capital of this country.
a) Iraq b) Afghanistan c) Syria d) Egypt
Which country is NOT part of the Middle East?
a) Norway b) Iraq c) Egypt d) Saudi Arabia
What is genocide?
a) Allowing all people to have a fair and equal life b) When citizens vote for their leaders c) The mass killing of a group of people d) Permitting citizens to choose how they make a living
What term describes a factory in which workers are employed for long hours at low wages?
a) Assembly line b) Sweatshop c) Outsourcing d) Workshop
Which one of the following is NOT an example of genocide?
a) One religion being exterminated from an area b) Rwanda c) Holocaust d) United Nations
A shortage of water can lead to all of the following EXCEPT...
a) Poverty b) More people voting in elections c) Illness d) Limited education
Which of the following is an example of a human right guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
a) The right to wear what you want no matter where you are b) All people should be free and equal c) All people should be able to earn as much money as they want d) All people are guaranteed a college education
Why are some diamonds known as Blood Diamonds?
a) They are more valuable than other diamonds. b) People are literally dying to get and own them c) They are more rare than other diamonds d) They are red in color
Which statement is TRUE about Apartheid?
a) Living conditions were equal among all racial groups b) The standard of living was consistend among all racial groups c) People of European heritage created racist and unequal laws d) People of African heritage created racist and unequal laws
Why was Nelson Mandela an important historical figure?
a) He led the colonization of South Africa b) He employed the use of child soldiers c) He created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights d) He helped fight to end the system of Apartheid
Which one of the following contributes most to HIV/AIDS deaths in Africa?
a) Contaminated water b) War c) Climate d) Lack of medical care
Which of the following describes a policy where a stronger country takes over another country?
a) Colonization b) Genocide c) Ethnic cleansing d) Segregation
Why were the Jews targeted in Europe during the Holocaust?
a) They were blamed for economic problems of the time b) They attacked the established European powers c) Their religious beliefs encouraged violence d) They were less intelligent than other groups
The analysis of decisions made by individuals and groups that are often focused on what is right and wrong is part of...
a) Systems b) Ethics c) Movement d) Culture
Which is NOT a reasons why Europe wanted to colonize Africa?
a) Europe was looking for resources b) Europe needed more people to buy their goods c) Europe felt it was their right to educate Africa d) Europe needed more farmland to feed their population
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