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Firefighters should not wear this material because it is a good conductor of heat.
a) Plastic b) Leather c) Metal d) Cloth
Light is the only form of energy that is visible.
a) True b) False c) d)
What material allows light to pass through it, not reflect off of it.
a) Water b) Glass c) Wood d) Paper
What is an example of chemical energy other than food?
a) Light Bulb b) Marble c) Lantern d) Gasoline
I put my spoon in my warm soup, what happens to the spoon?
a) It becomes hot because the heat from the soup flowed to the spoon. b) It stays the same temperature c) It gets colder d) It makes the soup cold.
What kind of energy did we create by rubbing our hands together?
a) Chemical Energy b) Light c) Heat d) Mechanical Energy
What kind of energy does the skier use as they ski down the hill?
a) Chemical Energy b) Mechanical Energy c) Light d) Heat
a) y b) c) d)
a) y b) c) d)
a) y b) c) d)
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