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Females taking care of newborn and young animals
a) Maternal b) Social c) Eliminative d) Communicative
Interactions with other animals, humans and behavior during handling and restraint.
a) Temper b) Social c) Eliminative d) Maladaptive
Exhibited by animals when eating and drinking, 'ingestive behavior'
a) Feeding b) Eliminative c) Shelter-Seeking d) Sexual
Useful in implementing breeding programs
a) Communicative b) Social c) Investigative d) Sexual
Crowding together in snow and cold winds is an example of...
a) Maladaptive b) Allelomimetic c) Shelter-seeking d) Communicative
Sniffing strange objects and tilting their head is an example of...
a) Feeding b) Investigative c) Social d) Allelomimetic
Animals that cannot adapt to their environment, exhibit inappropriate or unusual behavior
a) Maladaptive b) Eliminative c) Investigative d) Shelter-seeking
Information is exchanged between individual animals
a) Feeding b) Eliminative c) Social d) Investigative
Animals of a species grazing together, going to the watering hole together
a) Shelter-seeking b) Maternal c) Communicative d) Allelomimetic
Elimination of feces and urine
a) Social b) Feeding c) Eliminative d) Allelomimetic
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