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What happens to the sugar produced during photosynthesis?
a) plant cells use some of the sugar for food some si stored for later b) they grow sugar cubes c) the plant turns to sugar cain d)
small openings on the underside of leaves
a) stomata b) chlorophyll c) autotroph d) hetertroph
the main pigment in chloroplast
a) chlorophyll b) pigment c) stomata d) autotroph
colored chemical compounds that absorb light
a) pigments b) chlorophyll c) stomata d) autotroph
An animal that cannot make its own food
a) hetertroph b) autotroph c) photosynthesis d) stomata
An organism that makes its own food
a) autotroph b) heterotroph c) photosynthesis d) stomata
T/F besides the energy in sunlight, the cells need water and carbon dioxide to make sugar
a) true b) false c) d)
Green pigment in chloroplast is called what?
a) Chlorophyll b) chlorophyte c) collard d) green beans
In the process of photosynthesis, plants use the energy in _________ to make food
a) sunlight b) moonlight c) decaying matter d) rain water
the process by which cells obtain energy from glucose
a) respiration b) photosynthesis c) chlorophyll d) Mt. Dew
what are the products of photosynthesis?
a) sugar and oxygen b) co2 and sugar c) sugar and hydrogen d) oxygen and CO2
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