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The Soviet Union wanted to control the world by
a) communism b) fascism c) democracy d) socialism
Which event ended due to a US naval blockade?
a) War of Independence b) Persian Gulf War c) Cuban Missile Crisis d) The Berlin Wall
Who was the first US president to resign from office?
a) Lyndon Johnson b) Ronald Reagan c) Richard Nixon d) Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was known as the Great Communicator?
a) Bill Clinton b) Ronald Reagan c) Lyndon Johnson d) John F. Kennedy
What was the Reagan Doctrine?
a) The belief that communism was good for the world b) Building new dams for hydroelectric energy c) Giving money to the poor to help them better themselves d) Stopping communism before it could attack and enslave another country
What was the long conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union known as?
a) World War II b) The Cold War c) The Korean Conflict d) Cuban Missile Crisis
President Reagan sent US troops to what island to help free it from communism?
a) Grenada b) Hawaii c) Cuba d) The Phillipines
Who was the communist dictator of Cuba?
a) Jimmy Carter b) Boris Yeltsin c) Mikhail Gorbachev d) Fidel Castro
Which president withdrew US troops from Vietnam?
a) John F. Kennedy b) Lyndon Johnson c) Jimmy Carter d) Richard Nixon
Which president was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963?
a) John F. Kennedy b) Jimmy Carter c) Ronald Reagan d) Richard Nixon
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