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Microhematocrit tubes with a red band on one end contain
a) EDAT b) heparin c) HIV d) nothing
Which of the following equipment is reusable
a) heel warmer b) laser lancet c) metal flea d) microtube
Capillary puncture is a poor choice for specimen collection if the patient is
a) comatose b) dehydrated c) jaundiced d) nauseated
After making a blood smear
a) blow on it until dry b) let it dry naturally c) dip it in urine d) wave until dry
The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is to
a) invert it gently b) bop it c) twist it d) pull it
Which of the following is a newborn screening test?
a) bilirubin b) GALT c) H and H d) WBC
Neonatal screening for this disorder
a) PKU b) HDN c) diabetes d) ????
Thick blood smear may be requested to detect
a) HIV b) malaria c) PKU d) bilirubin
Jaundice is associated with
a) diabetes b) HDN c) PKU d) HIV
What color microtube would be used for a CBC
a) Yellow b) Blue c) Lavender d) Red
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