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What is the most common second language taught in Europe?
a) English b) Spanish c) German d) Russian
Russia is in which of the following language families?
a) Slavic b) Romance c) Germanic d) Cyrillic
German and English belong to which language family?
a) Germanic b) Russian c) Slavic d) Romance
The fastest growing religion in the world is?
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Muslim
The largest religion in the world is?
a) Christianity b) Hindu c) Judaism d) Islam
The oldest studied religion this year is?
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Protestantism
The founder of Islam is?
a) Muhammad b) Jesus Christ c) Abraham d) Moses
The founder of Judaism is?
a) Abraham b) Moses c) Jesus Christ d) Muhammad
Which of the following uses the cyrillic alphabet?
a) Russian b) Italian c) French d) German
The Quran is the holy book for?
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Catholicism
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