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adj. stylish; lively; carefree
a) jaunty b) extricate c) emulate d) obscure
v. to try to equal; to copy; to imitate
a) extricate b) emulate c) jaunty d) malevolent
v. to conceal; to hide; to make dim; (adj) vague, indefinite
a) obscure b) emulate c) jaunty d) extricate
adj. having or exhibiting ill will or spite; having an evil influence
a) garrulous b) malign c) malevolent d) irrefutable
adj. proven, demonstrated; beyond all question
a) extricate b) malevolent c) obscure d) irrefutable
adj. to scandalize; to belittle; to defame (to talk bad about)
a) obscure b) Malign c) extricate d) emulate
adj. originating in a particular country; home-bred; native
a) indigenous b) emulate c) obscure d) garrulous
adj. dominated by an excessive love or admiration of oneself
a) narcissistic b) garrulous c) extricate d) emulate
adj. chatty; annoyingly talkative; gabbling
a) garrulous b) emulate c) indigenous d) extricate
verb. to free or release from entanglement; to disengage
a) extricate b) emulate c) indigenous d) malign
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