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Which planet is the smallest inner planet?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Earth d) Mars
Which planet has a longer day than its year?
a) Saturn b) Neptune c) Mercury d) Mars
Which is considered to be earth's twin because it is close in size?
a) Uranus b) Jupiter c) Mars d) Venus
The four Inner Planets all have
a) hot temperatures b) rocky surfaces c) deep atmospheres d) large size
Which is the fourth planet from the sun?
a) Mars b) Saturn c) Earth d) Jupiter
Which one of these planets is an Inner Planet?
a) Uranus b) Earth c) Pluto d) Saturn
Which planet do we think once had liquid water on it?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Mars d) Saturn
Which planets is the hottest
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Earth d) Mars
Which planet can support life
a) Earth b) Mars c) Venus d) Saturn
If we had to move to another planet right now which planet could we move to?
a) Mars b) Venus c) Mercury d) There is no other planet that we know of that we could survive on.
The sun is a
a) planet b) star c) asteroid d) comet
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