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Which force MOST likely causes the apples to fall to the ground?
a) gravity b) friction c) collision d) magnetism
Which force would MOST likely cause the row of dominoes to fall?
a) pull b) magnetic c) friction d) push
Which type of force moves the plow when the horse walks forward?
a) pull b) push c) friction d) collision
What is causing the water drops to fall to the ground?
a) magnetism b) evaporation c) gravity d) push
What makes the cars finally come to a stop?
a) electricyt b) friction c) inertia d) magnetism
Which activity will most increase the temperature of a persons hand?
a) wave hands b) rub hands c) clap hands d) snap fingers
1. The _____________________ of an object is its location relative to another object.
a) position b) velocity c) momentum d) frame of reference
The speed of an object is affected by:
a) color of the ramp b) width of the ramp c) texture of the ramp's surface d) thinkness of the ramp
What force keeps the moon in orbit?
a) friction b) gravity c) magnetism d) potential energy
Brianna and Krista ran 10 meters outside. What tool would they use to measure their times?
a) stopwatch b) graduated cylinder c) balance d) hand lens
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